Dry Storage Covers


In 1991, Fabrico Sun Domes expanded its manufacturing capabilities by purchasing the assets of Global Chemical Systems Inc. of Pacoima, California. These assets include state-of-the-art proprietary materials and technology for the manufacture of custom fit covers used for dehumidified storage of capital equipment and spare parts. For 15 years, Global had concentrated its efforts on the development of materials which would assure the lowest possible moisture vapor transmission rate while providing the maximum resistance to outdoor climatic conditions worldwide, including UV resistance and integrity under extremes of both high temperature and low temperature. Several of these materials were developed specifically to meet U.S. military specifications related to cover systems for short, mid, and long-term dry storage. Fabrico worked to improve these systems over the years. Among the results was Fabrico’s 4034 vinyl coated material. This material has two layers of coating on each side of a high-strength base fabric, which results in a material which meets the requirements of MIL-P-58102, Type II. This specification mandates a maximum water vapor penetration rate of 0.08 grams per 100 sq. in./ 24 hrs.; Fabrico’s 4034 material allows a maximum water vapor penetration of 0.07 g/100 sq. in./24 hrs. In more familiar terms, every square foot of a cover made from 4034 material allows a maximum of 0.1008 grams of water vapor to penetrate it in a one-day period. Thus, a 1,000 square foot cover allows the penetration of no more than 3.4 fluid oz. of water vapor in a 24-hour period, literally a “drop in the bucket”. This material is used to make sealed, flexible, corrosion-inhibiting containers for the shipment and/or storage of machinery or equipment in which the limitation of corrosion is critical. These containers can also be equipped with dessicants and humidity indicators, and adapted for connection to powered dehumidification systems.

Fabric containments for dehumidified shipping and storage of capital equipment and parts.

Using proprietary heat sealed fabrics and unique zip lock seal systems, Fabrico produces custom covers and shelters providing a controlled, ultra-low-humidity, dust free environment for both indoor and outdoor use.

System Applications

  • Shipment of high tech/capital equipment, especially equipment in which corrosion must be reduced to an absolute minimum.
  • Dehumidified storage, both intermediate and long term.
  • Environmental control of selected indoor areas for processing or storage of sensitive components and parts.


  • Creates a corrosion free shipping and storage environment.
  • Flexible and Reusable Shipping and Storage Systems.
  • Allows portability.
  • Eliminates requirements for permanent buildings.
  • Maintains equipment and components in ready-for-use condition.
  • Meets U.S. Military and ASTM specifications, including MIL-P-58102, Type II.