About Us


Fabrico Sun Domes offers a wide range of services, depending on the needs of our customers. Some clients have little more than idea for a product which has the potential to meet a need in the marketplace; others have a fully developed and specified product which has been produced for years by other manufacturers, and are looking for higher quality standards, greater production capacity or better pricing than they can get from their current vendors, etc. The particular stage of development of any of the items which we produce, or potentially could produce, runs the full gamut from the earliest stage of development to the most mature. Further, some products are extremely simple, requiring only a handful of operations between raw materials and the finished product, while others are highly complex, and/or require extensive documentation due to industry or Government standards. As a result, we offer the widest possible array of services, which include the following:

Pattern development
Engineering and Design for Manufacture
Material Sourcing
Die Cutting
Heat Sealing
Industrial Sewing
Prototype and Small Quantity Manufacture
Silkscreen Printing, Hot Stamping and Stenciling