Contract Manufacturing


In addition to the work we do in Dry Storage, Sun Domes and Industrial/Commercial/Medical products, Fabrico Sun Domes offers contract manufacturing for a wide range of industries and products. While we specialize in heat sealing (RF welding, hot air welding and wedge welding) and industrial sewing, we offer a full range of services related to industrial fabrics (see About Us for a list of the services we offer). In addition to the work we do for the United States Government, the industries we serve include mining, chemicals, oil refining, food processing, power generation (including steam-powered generators, wind power and others), medical devices, elevator manufacturing and a host of others.

We can start from a simple description of a product, sketches, photographs, samples, complete drawing sets and specifications, or any combination of the above, to manufacture products of the widest diversity, in quantities ranging from a few prototype units to full production of thousands of units per year. If the need can be met, Fabrico Sun Domes can meet it. If you would like to discuss your product or idea, simply fill out the contact form provided on this site and send it in, or just give us a call at 773-890-5350. We would be happy to help you meet any of your needs.

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