Customer Products Manufactured/Services Provided Industry
Sun Dome Inc. Swimming Pool Enclosures Recreation/Consumer Products
Laird Plastics Secondary Containment Sleeve for Elevator Jack* Elevator manufacture and installation
Laird Plastics Die Cutting Services Specialty Plastics Distribution
Kreg Medical Medical Products Medical Products
General Electric Corp. Long term, low-humidity shipping and storage bags, made from 4034 proprietary moisture-resistant material Electric Power Generation
U.S. Navy Aircraft covers for storage, made from 4034 moisture-resistant material Defense
Defense Logistics Agency Aircraft covers for storage, made from 4034 moisture-resistant material Defense
U.S. Marine Corps Storage Units Defense
Chicago Coatings Die Cutting Services Specialty Coatings/Construction
Nestle Sugar Hopper Liners Food Processing
U-Adapt U-Drink Universal Holder Consumer Products

The list above is a sample of customers of Fabrico SunDomes. We serve, or have served, hundreds of customers in dozens of industries, including those represented above. Additionally, we have made sewn and heat sealed products for primary and secondary containment of chemical and hydrocarbon storage containers, inflatable products such as medical mattresses, full and partial covers for low-moisture storage of capital goods (including padded covers), vehicle and aircraft covers, industrial curtains for work area separation, thermal insulation and sound attenuation, and dozens of other specialty applications. If you would like to contact us about your project or application, please fill in the Contact Us form with as much detail as possible and send it to us, or simply call us at 773-890-5350.